CCTV Pipeline Inspection

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Coast Country CCTV’s main line colour CCTV pipeline inspection systems offer a complete CCTV survey configuration that includes camera, tractors, cable drums, and control systems with full digital recording capabilities (direct to DVD) combined with the unequaled reporting capabilities of the WINCAN reporting software.  printed and DVD reports available on completion of work. All CCTV Inspection Operators hold current Certificates of Competency in Conduit Evaluation for pipe and sewer condition classification. The versatility of the Coast & Country CCTV’s inspection systems and our range of camera sizes, shapes and mobility options enables inspections to be carried out almost anywhere, from the top of multi-storey buildings to deep within mine shafts.

cctv pipeline inspectionThis picture was taken in a 600mm Corrugated Steel pipe. The entire top section has rusted away, the fill between the road surface and the large void was approx. 300mm. (the road is a major highway in Western Queensland carrying Road Trains – imagine the problems if this was not found before a vehicle went through the road surface).

cctv pipeline inspectionThis picture is a sample of the problems caused by tree roots invading a system via a defective sewer connection. The accurate measurements from our camera systems allows the local authorities to confidently excavate down to the exact area and perform the rectification works with minimal impact to the resident’s property. We have the most advanced CCTV pipeline inspection system in our industry.